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I've come to the conclusion that my food budget is rampantly out of control and chalk full of pork that can be trimmed to go to better uses...

I was spending roughly 150$ a week on foodies with the ocassional spike if i was spotting someone else for foodies too.. I'm going to try and see if I can limit that to 35$ a week for just me..

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some of you have been poking me to write in my lj..

I'm still alive ;P I didn't go on the computer much for a while.. been busy raving.. dealing with psycho grrlies.. you know.. that old routine.. well ditched a psycho grrlie.. now i have a few not so psycho grlies to juggle.. seems to be okay..

been playing fallout 3.. so i got back into video games.. yay! not like theres anything raelly exciting to do in town anyway...

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Yah know.. you people posting 18 diffrent pictures of Heath Ledger are ridiclious...

But, nothing sure infuriates people like that as comments of

"This just in, Heath's still dead"

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Haven't updated in a while..

officaly - Not Single.. things are great ^.^
Birthday - was good, small group of friends, everyone <3'd, got a lab coat for my birthday
Raves - been raving it up, got a bunch of rave handme downs from my old childhood friend heather that she made herself..
Job - same ol same ol.. but they pay the bills

I like my silly hats... hence my new icon

A once great empire lays in ruins...now just a shell of what it once was.

It sits waiting for an empress to come and rebuild it to it's former glory.

All the decedance... The waste... The corruption of vices... All of it has eaten Rome out from its inner core and left it a hallow image of fading glory...

Or maybe it was all because it ruled not it self but left it to others to rule that it has come to where it lay.

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I've never tasted sushi so good.. and I'm a sushi junky! My director @ work is japanese and her mom made sushi for a party. The Inari and Futamaki was the yummiest ever!

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Yah know.. for the most part I am great and fun to be with.. but I know I come with dumb things to deal with as part of the package deal... I'll say things or just do something that is just dumb and make you go WTF????

Whats worse is I'll do this when I understand you to a T and have you figured out for I guess what would just be a lack of judgement or foresight... for years I've gone on without communicating issues until things come up.. and usually how things come up is a blow up slap in the face or an incident in public that I completely didn't expect or have training to deal with and so shit hits the fan...

Whats worse is now trying this game when I can't read and have yet to figure out someone..

such little non-issues should never reach such collosal measures

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Yah know.. work has got to be one of the dumbest ideas ever invented... but I guess if I didn't have to drag my ass to somewhere I hated I wouldn't appreicate the good times I have with my buddies on my down time... sooo meh...

Went out to lipstick last night with Crystal, Chris, and Penny.. Ran into a bunch of old aquantences there as well.. Sean was DJ'ing up from L.A. so the place was packed and had a line out the door to get in.

Danced it up.. some creepy guy kept trying to dance with Penny and Crystal.. Chris came to the rescue with penny.. and I kept Crystal from being attacked... but then the mo-mo poked me in the tummy... wtf... :/ *shakes head* people sure are weird.

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4/19/08 Pollock Pines region –

Greatest outdoor rave I’ve ever attended. It made mountaineers out of us all.. It was a long and arduous drive up the mountains.. Watched as friends fought to set up a tent in the dark as light snow fell. There was a huge bonfire that burned all night/day long. Wonderful music and endless good vibes throughout the night/day.

I saw many friends who were able to make it found some party favors that lasted 5 hours of sheer enjoyment. Saw someone dance all hyphe in front of us.. glow sticked my ass off. Eventually got floored and sat on the floor with my friend and just talked completely open.. ran off with them and experienced things I never did before.. came back to the fire pit and talked some more and just enjoyed the night until morning came again… watched the sunrise in pure magic.. At times I almost forgot my wolf hat but someone made sure I knew… I saved someone’s pillow from catching on fire as it started smoking from being to close to the fire… eventually 8:30 rolled around and I went back to the dance floor and danced it up industrial stompy style as people went wtf is that not used to industrial kids at a rave..

I saw my friend o-ryan up there still dancing.. so I turned my glow stick into a knife and war-danced with him.. which I’m sure amused and bewildered everyone around us… As much as PLUR is what it’s all about.. we all must have some tribal war instinct buried deep inside us.. eventually his martial arts outdid my ability to cope and I eventually got kicked off the floor and feigned death causing a bunch of ravers to come over wondering if I was really dead.. hahaha ^.^

Eventually it was time to head home even tho the party was still raging the next day…

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So me and some coworkers are returning from work and driving in our little office parking lot... and this cunt in an oversized white SUV almost barrels into us even tho we have the right of way going straight in her mad dash to park her oversized junk... I swear her nose was so high up in the air you could see into her pea-sized brain...

Of course when I mentioned "can your nose get any higher up in the air" the driver of our car burst out laughing... i went "my god...your so lofty you shit marble?... and when gozer asks 'are you a god' you reply yes you frivol-less twat"...

If it wasn't for some of the cool people I meet at outdoor raves I'd have lost all faith in humanity’s ability to function.

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