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November 2008
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Tebby [userpic]
Some people are just worthless

So me and some coworkers are returning from work and driving in our little office parking lot... and this cunt in an oversized white SUV almost barrels into us even tho we have the right of way going straight in her mad dash to park her oversized junk... I swear her nose was so high up in the air you could see into her pea-sized brain...

Of course when I mentioned "can your nose get any higher up in the air" the driver of our car burst out laughing... i went "my god...your so lofty you shit marble?... and when gozer asks 'are you a god' you reply yes you frivol-less twat"...

If it wasn't for some of the cool people I meet at outdoor raves I'd have lost all faith in humanity’s ability to function.

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