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Tebby [userpic]
Emerald Forest 2008

4/19/08 Pollock Pines region –

Greatest outdoor rave I’ve ever attended. It made mountaineers out of us all.. It was a long and arduous drive up the mountains.. Watched as friends fought to set up a tent in the dark as light snow fell. There was a huge bonfire that burned all night/day long. Wonderful music and endless good vibes throughout the night/day.

I saw many friends who were able to make it found some party favors that lasted 5 hours of sheer enjoyment. Saw someone dance all hyphe in front of us.. glow sticked my ass off. Eventually got floored and sat on the floor with my friend and just talked completely open.. ran off with them and experienced things I never did before.. came back to the fire pit and talked some more and just enjoyed the night until morning came again… watched the sunrise in pure magic.. At times I almost forgot my wolf hat but someone made sure I knew… I saved someone’s pillow from catching on fire as it started smoking from being to close to the fire… eventually 8:30 rolled around and I went back to the dance floor and danced it up industrial stompy style as people went wtf is that not used to industrial kids at a rave..

I saw my friend o-ryan up there still dancing.. so I turned my glow stick into a knife and war-danced with him.. which I’m sure amused and bewildered everyone around us… As much as PLUR is what it’s all about.. we all must have some tribal war instinct buried deep inside us.. eventually his martial arts outdid my ability to cope and I eventually got kicked off the floor and feigned death causing a bunch of ravers to come over wondering if I was really dead.. hahaha ^.^

Eventually it was time to head home even tho the party was still raging the next day…

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