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Tebby [userpic]
Flying Blind....

Yah know.. for the most part I am great and fun to be with.. but I know I come with dumb things to deal with as part of the package deal... I'll say things or just do something that is just dumb and make you go WTF????

Whats worse is I'll do this when I understand you to a T and have you figured out for I guess what would just be a lack of judgement or foresight... for years I've gone on without communicating issues until things come up.. and usually how things come up is a blow up slap in the face or an incident in public that I completely didn't expect or have training to deal with and so shit hits the fan...

Whats worse is now trying this game when I can't read and have yet to figure out someone..

such little non-issues should never reach such collosal measures

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