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I rarely dream.. but last night I had a bad one...

It was like a campus.. maybe a college campus..or an amusment park.. there were buildings...a boat ride thingy... lots of trees but also lots of open space... and a monster was attacking for some reason...

It was a skeleton dinosaur type monster.. about 6 meters tall.. it had a weird circle mouth with jagged sharp saw features at the end of it..

everyone was running looking for places to hide... and the dumbest of hiding places.. like 4-6 people would be hiding behind a tree that was bascially a twig with a big ball at the top... no way anything could have not seen all those people hiding there...

I remember people being chased from the boat ride thing and having to double back through the que to get to open spaces... all the time people screaming and just pandamonium...

I remember at one point going "i'm not going to hide behind the tree with those idiots.. I'm gonna go hide in this bathroom.... that had an entire wall for an opening but still only one way in... i figured noones going to see me hiding in there or smell me over the bathroom..

but no.. the monster heads straight for me in the bathroom rather than the 4-6 idiots behind the tree in plain sight.. and the countless people running like madmen... wtf... It shrieks at me like it's going to attack and I wake up...


My co-worker asked me if i watched any harry potter recently.. or anything scary.. I said no just been watching nawty anime lately...but then she told me well you did see cloverfield recently.. so maaaaaybe... but still.. anyone with dream interpretation skills is welcome to take a stab at it.. you can give your opnion and i'll see if it fits with whats going on in my life recently.

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we all know I enjoy wasting time on Icanhazcheezeburgars.com and how kitties do silly things.. last night my kitty was laying in bed with me and he was trying to claw at my necklace and my facial percings.. so we played a little game...

I put my hand over his 2 hands.. and he'd put a paw on top of mine.. and i'd put another hand over that and we played the build-a-stack hand game... eventually he figured out he wouldn't win and this would go on.. so after i had both his paws coered he just burried his head into my armpit....

what a ding-dong..

I still need to write about my L.A. trips.. I wanted to wait for the fotos.. but I think the fotos will just have to come later. ^.^

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wooo... seems now with the new impending sale we'll all have to learn how to speak russian!

das verdana!

Cocaine may cause heart attack symptoms

Yah know.. I always wanted to be a Journalist and such because I like to report intresting exciting things.. but my god.. lately the headlines are just absoulte fucking no brainers... sometimes I wonder wtf these researchers are thinking.. they spent how much money to tell us something an idiot could have told you?????

heres some gems from recent headlines

"AP IMPACT: US troops losing hearing" - well holy fucking shit.. you mean having an M16 in my ear unloading a bunch of rounds and bombs going off isn't good for my hearing???? you've got to be kidding me.. who the fuck needed this news fucking flash?

"Bush: 'It's clear' economy has slowed" - well damn now you know we're royally fucked and in a world of hurt if even that moron can figure out it's bad news bears!

"Repeated combat tours take toll on troops' mental health: US army" - what do you mean they don't enjoy going back into the meat grinder? my god.. wtf...bbq...*shakes head*

"Many seniors hurt in falls: CDC report" - how much money got wasted in this study to somehow put 1 and 1 together that when an old person falls.. they are likely to get hurt... oh i'm sorry.. I thought it was okay to fall down and go boom!

and the peice de resistance!

"Bahamas shark feeding tours endanger island visitors" - This is the incident where some dipshit decided to sign up for one of these shark tours but 1. it's cage-less.. you have no protective gear on.. and they even tell you they chum the watter around you with blood and fish stuff to attract sharks... well sure enough some asshat won the darwin award and got eaten in the process.. heaven forbid a shark get confused with all this chum in the water that this asshat lawyer isn't part of the meal.... so now i guess shark feeding tours are supposedly dangerous... who would have ever fucking thought!
absoulte dribble..

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so much has happened so fast.. all the good things haven't been blogged about even... but right now.. I just feel like the prince of cups.. exhausted from a life of advanture.. from countless waring... just wanting to come back home to where I'm welcomed and loved.. no longer having to fight a battle at every turn...

that card came out last night... along with some others.. but thats to be discussed latter..

right now all around me there is fighting.. I stand with one other by my side.. back to back we defend our choices.. we fight for our existance... our right to survive and be happy just the two of us... she fights her battles.. I fight mine.. interwoven and twisted together so many involved parties.. why.. why are so many people involved.. part of me loves the blood lust... the drama of it all.. but another part simply wants to retire with my spoils of war and enjoy what I've fought for...

and thats what that card symbolizes.. the future calm and mastry of it all depending on how we fight here and now..

I will post about the other fun adventures.. but for now *pulls visor back down* en garde'

Silly Kitty Updates..

I've decided to get Mr. Maly his Kitty Tree Klimbing post finally.. He's been a good kitty and it's about his 2nd birthday probably.. so I'll get him a nice one to play on.. Haven't figured out where to put it yet.. but since he started using his kitty bed I figure he deserves something nice since he's gone 2 years without one.

I forgot to turn on the heater so it was cold last night and one of the two blankets was shorter so I had to tug it up over me.. the kitty likes to curl up on the top blanket right next to me.. so anytime I have to tug or pull on the blanket it moves him around.. twice he tolerated it and moved a little and went back to cuddling.. the third time a bit later when I tried I get a gruff loud "MEOW!" and he refused to budge.. so I just went uh-oh and moved the other way.. hahaha pissy kitty :P

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Wheee Julia & David hosted rockband party again, had dinner with them and Matt before at Miso Sushi again like last time. However this time I watched my mouth. They were shocked I was censoring myself. I laughed and said well figured it'd be like poloar opposites of the spectrum.

Went over to their house and yammered till guests showed up. Bunny and Raven showed up. I haven't seen them in ages and it was good to catch up with them. Adam, Ashley and Sean showed up everyone got to belt out recockulous songs while plowed. It was the best entertainment money can't buy. David demanded I sing Epic again like last time which i destroyed once again. I turned parts of Cherub Rock, and various other wussy songs into Metal much to the amusment of Julia and her <3'ing of metal ;P

I got to wrap the mic cord around my fist like adam does and go "hey hey! who am i??" ;P everyone had a ton of fun and drunken mess until weeee hours of the morning.

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So me any my coworker Tricia are talking about our favrote subject Lamar...

I'm the kinda person that anything I want done to me I'm willing to do in return or first.. I just belive in the fairness of it.. I would't expect someone to do something i'm not willing to do and vice versa.. So at a party last weekend we were discussing this and how certain things are gross.. ;P been there done that.. but one person there also agreed with that mantra of mine so yay...

Well Lamar who likes boys seems to hold himself at a diffrent standard that he doesn't have to do certain things but still likes them done when it comes to getting what he wants.. and that left me and Tricia both speachless @ a dinner to find out about this.. we also found out about how in his "scene" you don't really date you just sleep around and we both were like umm ack thats not how it is in our "world"

Well last night I ran into one of Lamar's friends mattie who plays on the same team as he does.. and he was being silly and had 2 girls humping him on the dance floor.. so I said look out this is what he really wants and followed their suit as he just died laughing.. I laughed at him and said "see you can tell i'm straight because i didn't have the common curtsey to give you a reach around" and he just died laughing some more

I was telling Tricia this story and she just laughed and I stated see this is why Lamar's "World/scene" functions they way there do where they just sleep around rather than get in relationships is because they are so inconsiderate to each other that they have no repeate business and they are kinda forced to just sleep around.. She died laughing cuz of the past conversations we had with Lamar and she stated "see noone wants to date men they are all inconsiderate"

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unfucking belivable.. this place is a madhouse.. my friend tricia behind me blurted out "fuck" uncensored into the office.. today I just blurted out "christ on a cross".. and the crazy employee who sits across from tricia has been playing with her stapler like it's a noise maker clicking it closed constatnly..

she'd sit there and go click click click and started right into tricia's cube watchin gher making it go louder and louder.. This went on for about 15 mins until the other employee's were about to blow up...

Tricia had to come up to her and go "hey.. i think she's on the phone" which to the response is click click click... then "shhhhs!" to the response of click click click right back in her face.. it took tricia 4 more tries of getting snappier to get her to quit.. and even then that lasted 5 mins.. cuz i just now heard "click click click"

Taz(short for tazmanian devil because he throws fits all the time and gets mad enough to spit) is having a breakdown cuz he hates the click click click employee to begin with.. i think it's hillarious I want to see an entire meltdown of the office staff into fistacuffs.

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