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November 2008
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Tebby [userpic]
Hahah ryling up people

Yah know.. you people posting 18 diffrent pictures of Heath Ledger are ridiclious...

But, nothing sure infuriates people like that as comments of

"This just in, Heath's still dead"

Current Mood: amusedamused

I REALLY loves me some Heath Ledger but I'm not going to cry over snarky comments like that. It's teh intarwebz, get over it, people. :-D

BTW - I have this stupid video of you I took at the Boardwalk...I'ma post it on yer Myspace later.

uh oh.. is it real embarassing?

No, it's just you going "Now I look like an asshole!" for some reason. XD


haha y so asshole?

Ah...it's so overrated....I'm getting the Darknight on DVD here in about a week....my cousins in Mexico got it for me!! Gotta love how they have EVERYTHING out on DVD while it just came out on the big screen.

heh hopefully it's better quality then the shitty cam version I watched ;(

Suprisingly, each one that I have gotten so far has been excellent quality...it's actually the real movie. Here's how it works....after a movie is finished, it's put on disc and sent to critics and other companies that do reviews everywhere...those then get turned around and sell them off to other people...so the actual movie/Dvd which will be the one everyone will get, just gets copied and sold...before it evens goes on the big screen. It's pretty sweet..