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November 2008
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Tebby [userpic]
food budget...

I've come to the conclusion that my food budget is rampantly out of control and chalk full of pork that can be trimmed to go to better uses...

I was spending roughly 150$ a week on foodies with the ocassional spike if i was spotting someone else for foodies too.. I'm going to try and see if I can limit that to 35$ a week for just me..

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

Dang dude...if you eat that much...where does the weight go??1 LOL. you spend what Justin and I spend in a month...and lasts us at least 2 months...(we go to Winco...gotta love that place)

I know i should be a total fatty.. but nope.. *shrug*

I went and bought at least 3 weeks worth of foodies @ walmart supercenter for 130$

sooo heres to sticking to a budget ;)

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My idiot bankrupt friend survived on $20 a week ^.~ I'm sure third world people survived on even less.. I'm back to indiscriminate spending.. fuck it.. I love food.

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